Risk of Bias 2 templates

The RoB 2 Excel tool is available from Cochrane Methods. See the Tools section in the RoB 2 Cochrane Review Starter Pack.

Proofread your assessments

Risk of bias judgements are not copy edited. Please ensure you spell-check and proofread your assessments. It is the authors' responsibility to ensure these are accurate.

Include the correct information in the RoB 2 Excel tool

The following steps will ensure the support for judgements for each domain are correctly included in this published table and reduce the chance of delays during peer review:

  • Add justifications for all responses to the signalling questions in the ‘Description’ boxes and once complete for all signalling questions, double click on the box below to create the support for judgement for the risk of bias judgement for that domain.

  • Run the algorithm and then confirm your risk of bias judgement for that domain (assessor’s judgement).
  • Edit the ‘support for judgement’ so that it is complete. This text can be copied into RevMan to populate the published table.