Important guidance on changes in Archie and RevMan for editorial staff

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Please read through the information on the linked pages below carefully.

If you have questions at any stage, please contact

If you missed one of our webinars on 2 December, please download the PowerPoint presentation here. Follow the slide links to play the screencasts in YouTube if you would like to view full-screen.

Due to technical issues we are unfortunately unable to share the recording. Answers to questions raised in the Q&A sessions are available on the 'Questions' slides (22-23).

Online Q&A clinics 

These are drop-in clinics running on GoToMeeting. You don't need to pre-register. Just add the most convenient appointment below to your calendar, and join via the link in the calendar invitation.

We have no further appointments at this time. If a further clinic would be useful to you, please email