Working together in RevMan Web (Editorial Staff)

Simultaneous working

RevMan Web encourages authors and editorial teams to communicate effectively about who is doing what and when.

Best practice

  • You can view the latest version of the review at any time in RevMan Web. See How can I access a review in RevMan Web? (Editorial Staff).
  • Authoring Phase
    • Advise authors that they can work collaboratively and simultaneously on different sections of the review.
    • If you choose to edit the review when authors are working, you can check in or tag a version of the review without interrupting authors' work. See Version control and version history (Editorial Staff).
  • Editorial Phase
    • If you have changes to make to the review that require it to move to Editorial Phase when it has not been submitted for editorial approval, email authors and let them know. Inform them of a set time when the review will not be available.

Authoring phase

As there is no need to ‘check out’ in RevMan Web, when the review is in authoring phase authors can work simultaneously on different sections of the review. For instance, someone can import references while someone else edits the background.

Clashes only arise if two people are typing in the same text field at the same time (RevMan Web notifies you of such clashes). This is very rare and can be avoided by effective communication.

If another author or a member of the editorial team checks the review out into RevMan 5, anyone working in RevMan Web will find that they can no longer type in the text boxes and will see a warning notification.

All changes will be saved up to the point of check-out. The review will be unavailable in RevMan Web until the check out is undone or the review is checked back in via RevMan 5.

Editorial phase

As with RevMan 5, when reviews are in the Editorial Phase, they are not accessible to authors. Authors will see the review ‘greyed out’ on their My Reviews menu in RevMan Web. In the screenshot below, the middle review is in the Editorial Phase.

If an author is working in RevMan Web when you move the review to Editorial Phase, they will find they can no longer type in the text boxes. They will see a warning notification. All changes will be saved.