Which of my group's reviews are in RevMan Web? (Editorial Staff)

Author teams can request to edit their review in RevMan Web at any time, via links on the RevMan Web homepage https://revman.cochrane.org and on the Cochrane Community information pages https://community.cochrane.org/help/tools-and-software/revman-web. Editorial staff can also request that a review is made available by emailing support@cochrane.org.

Check which of your group's reviews are available in RevMan Web:

  1. Go to Archie Advanced Search

  2. Select Documents search
  3. Document Type | Is | Review Document
  4. Group | Is | [Select your review group from the list]
  5. In Review Database | Yes

Note: 'In Review Database' is the final option under Review Info on the search field list. The Review Database is an online repository of reviews that works behind Archie and RevMan Web to house reviews that are available on both systems.