What is RevMan Web? (Editorial Staff)

RevMan Web is the browser-based version of RevMan.

RevMan Web interacts with Archie in a similar way to RevMan 5. It has been developed to allow RevMan to connect with other online software such as GRADEPro and Covidence. It also allows for smoother continuous authoring and editing:

  • Online platform can be accessed from anywhere – no need to download RevMan to each computer you use
  • Reviews are always accessible to editorial staff – authors no longer check out and in

RevMan Web has many similarities with RevMan 5 and you can use your RevMan 5 skills to work in RevMan Web.

RevMan Web works alongside RevMan 5 and Archie

When a review is available in RevMan Web, you and the authors can choose to access it in either RevMan Web or RevMan 5.

If your authors are using RevMan Web, you will notice some changes in Archie. See How can I access a review in RevMan Web? (Editorial Staff).

You can use your standard editorial process when a review is available in RevMan Web. See Managing the editorial process in RevMan Web (Editorial Staff).

New features

Some new features in RevMan Web will mean you can no longer move between RevMan Web and RevMan 5. These features are being piloted by selected editorial and author teams. You will be able to make the decision to enable one of these new features in one of your reviews. 

If you are involved in these pilots, you can use RevMan Web and Archie to manage the editorial process. 

If you receive a request from an author team asking to enable an advanced integration, please contact support@cochrane.org.