Version control and version history (Editorial Staff)

Making a review available in RevMan Web prevents problems of version control:

  • Authors can work on the live review simultaneously
  • Authors cannot check in locally-saved copies of the review that they have worked on in RevMan 5

Viewing the latest version of a review

A review available in RevMan Web is a ‘live’ review. The latest version is the one that is currently being worked on in RevMan Web.

Editorial staff can view this latest version of a review in RevMan Web at any time:

  • In RevMan Web: right-click on the review title in Archie and select ‘Edit in RevMan Web’ - you can do this without interrupting the authors' work.
  • In RevMan 5: check out the review - this will make the review unavailable to authors for the duration of check-out. See Working together in RevMan Web (Editorial Staff).

Checking out into RevMan 5 generates a version on the Archie History entitled ‘Snapshot from RevMan Web’. This version contains all the latest RevMan Web edits up to the point of check-out.
You can use this ‘Snapshot’ to compare with previously-saved versions in Archie.

The review remains inaccessible in RevMan Web until you undo check-out or check it back in via RevMan 5.

Checking in

You can check in a version from RevMan Web with a relevant description e.g. ‘Editorial checks complete’ at any time. This will appear on the Archie History as with RevMan 5.

Checking in from RevMan Web does not lock the review. Anyone else working on the review will be able to continue working while you check in and save a version. 

Authors can check in and submit reviews for editorial approval in RevMan Web. You will receive an Archie notification when reviews are submitted (if you would normally do so).

Version control restrictions are tighter when a review is available in RevMan Web. If a review available in RevMan Web, is checked out into RevMan 5, only the person who checked it out can check it back in. Super Users can also undo check-out, if necessary. If you need to check in a .rm5 file from an author, when the review is available in RevMan Web, you will need to check it out first. See Checking in a .rm5 file on behalf of an author.

Version history

The Archie History tab shows versions of a review with two-part version numbers (1.5, 1.6). These versions have been checked in (in RevMan Web or RevMan 5) or checked out (in RevMan 5).

The RevMan Web History also shows sub-versions that have been ‘tagged’ by users within RevMan Web. These versions have three-part numbers (1.6.1, 1.6.2).

Tagged versions that show as created by 'System' are automatic backups that are saved every few hours when a review is being edited in RevMan Web.

You can compare versions that have been saved in the Archie History. See Comparing versions.

Checking in a .rm5 file on behalf of an author

If an author sends you a locally-saved file, you will need to check out the review in order to check this file in. This ensures that the review cannot be worked on while you upload the offline version.

  1. Right-click on title in Archie

  2. Check out

  3. Right-click on title in Archie

  4. Check in

  5. Select relevant file

  6. Click OK

You can then compare versions if needed. See Comparing versions.