Managing the editorial process in RevMan Web (Editorial Staff)

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As a rule, the editorial process can proceed as normal when a review is available in RevMan Web. You and the authors can use RevMan Web or RevMan 5 to work on the review itself.

Continue to use Archie for all functions related to:

  • Contact details and affiliations
  • Document and workflow roles
  • Changes to review stage or status
  • Comparing versions
  • Allocating workflow tasks

Registering a review title

You may choose to add information on accessing RevMan Web to your template email to new authors.

Changing the review stage

You will need to move the review to protocol stage for authors to begin work in RevMan Web.

You will need to move the review from protocol to review stage in Archie to allow the authors to work on the review text.

All changes to the review stage or status should be made on the review properties in Archie. They will update dynamically in RevMan Web.

Checking on authors’ progress

You can access the latest version of the review at any time, to track the authors’ progress. See Version control and version history (Editorial Staff).

You can make changes in the review at any time while the authors are working. See Working together in RevMan Web (Editorial Staff).

Submission for editorial approval

Authors can check the review in for editorial approval from within RevMan Web. See Checking in.

Amending the review

Amending author contact details

Use Archie to amend all author affiliations and other contact details. They will update dynamically in RevMan Web.

Amending author order

Use Archie to amend the author order, using ‘Move up’ / ‘Move down’ on the People tab of the review properties. The author order will update dynamically in RevMan Web. You may need to refresh your browser to view the changes, on both the review Dashboard and in the Authors section under Review Info. 

Adjusting heading levels

Select the relevant text section and choose the correct format on the toolbar. See Adjust heading level.

Amending references

See Working with studies and references.

References to studies can be edited in the ‘Studies’ section. Move directly to the next reference by clicking ‘Next’.

To edit Additional References, expand the reference section in the left-hand menu in RevMan Web, and work through each reference, amending each field as you would in RevMan 5.

Linking references from the text

Select the unlinked reference in the text, click the link icon on the top toolbar, select the relevant reference from the list. You can choose to organise multiple references in either alphabetical or chronological order. See Add a link to a study or reference in the text.

Editorial base quality checks

For details about generating a PDF/printing the review, plagiarism-checking, comparing versions, tracking changes, peer review, copy-editing and pre-publication checks, see Editorial base quality checks (Editorial Staff).

Publishing the review

Publish the review using the Archie Publication Wizard.