How can I make a review available in RevMan Web? (Editorial Staff)

To be made available in RevMan Web, a review must be:

  • at protocol or review stage (you will need to move Registered Titles to protocol stage)
  • checked in

  1. In Archie, find the review you wish to make available in RevMan Web
  2. Check the review properties to ensure the review is at the correct stage and is checked in
    1. Move Registered Titles to protocol stage
    2. Request that authors check in if the review is checked out
  3. Right click on the review title
  4. Select 'Sync Archie with RevMan Web'
  5. Select 'Latest and Published Versions'
  6. You will see an Archie notification when the review has been transferred to RevMan Web
  7. The General tab of the Review properties will show that the review is 'In RevMan Web'. See How can I access a review in RevMan Web?