Cochrane Trainers: create and share practice reviews

1. Create a practice review template

If you are a member of the Cochrane Trainers Network, your ‘Practice Reviews’ area in RevMan Web will include ‘Practice review templates’ section, which will allow you to create and share practice reviews with the participants of your training event (e.g. a face-to-face workshop).

You can create a practice review template from a RM5 file of your choice or from the ‘Caffeine for daytime drowsiness’ example review.

2. Edit the template

If you want to edit the template you have created, click on the title to open the review. Note that when you are in the practice review template, the review title will be marked as ‘[Template]’.

You can do the editing in the template as in any other review in RevMan Web.

3. Share the practice review

Once you have created the template, you can share it as a practice review with your trainees. Click on the files icon to highlight the link, then copy it to the clipboard and share it with your trainees (e.g. in an e-mail with the details about the training session, or as a short cut on a shared server). The trainees will just need to click on the link to create their practice review (see the subheading 'Open the shared practice review' below).

Note that your template will remain unchanged even when your trainees work on their practice reviews.

4. Open the shared practice review

As a trainer, you may want to open a practice review from the shared template and use it during the training session, rather than using the template itself. In this way, the template will remain unchanged and you can use it for your next training event.

Opening the shared practice review will be the same for you as for any other trainee with whom you have shared the link – just open (paste) the link in an internet browser. The review will then be created and will appear under your ‘Practice reviews’.

Note that your trainees will need to have a Cochrane Account in order to use RevMan Web and create a practice review from the link you have sent them. When they click on the link, they will be prompted to log in or to create a Cochrane Account, which is free for everyone.

Also, note that practice reviews have an expiry date, which is set to seven days after they have been created. You may therefore decide to share the link only a couple of days before the training session.

5. Delete the practice review template

There is no limit to the number of practice review templates that you can create as a trainer, though it is advisable that you keep your ‘Practice review templates’ section tidy and delete the templates that you will not be using. Use the trash bin icon to delete the unused templates.

Note that if you delete the template, any link copied previous to deletion will not be functional any more. So if you copy the link and share it with your trainees and then delete the template, they will not be able to create the practice review from this link. However, if they did create the practice review before you deleted the template, the review will remain available until the expiry date.