Import additional references

Import references in RIS formatted text file

You can bulk import Additional references for the articles that you cite in the Background and Discussion sections of your review. You need to have a RIS formatted text file of the references bulk import is not possible in any other format.

On the left-hand side menu, select ‘Other references’, ‘Additional’, then click on the ‘Import References’ button on the right and upload the RIS formatted text format file of your references.

Import standard references into your review

Cochrane Methods Support Unit has developed a protocol template for intervention reviews which contains recommended standard references, including two chapters in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions.

Download the file and import it into your review following the instructions above.

Delete or move references

If your RIS formatted text file contains more than 100 references, you will be asked to confirm the import. Currently, it is not possible to bulk delete or move the imported references; you can only do this one reference at a time.

Edit the Reference Type

It is advisable to check the reference types for the imported references and edit them if needed. For example, Cochrane Reviews are imported as journal articles and you need to change the reference type to ‘Cochrane review’. You can do this by clicking on the arrow icon on the right to reveal more information, click on the ‘Edit’ button, and selecting the Reference Type ‘Cochrane review’ from the drop-down menu.