I'm a Cochrane author or editor and I've never used RevMan Web, how can I get started?

As a start, please explore the top tips for working in RevMan Web, view the introduction video, and from then on most of your questions will have an answer in the RevMan Web knowledge base. If you questions not answered in the Knowledge Base, please contact support@cochrane.org.

The "My reviews" view in RevMan Web only shows the reviews you are author on. If you are an editor and want to open a review, you should go to Archie to identify the title and right click to select 'Open in RevMan Web'.

I'm a Cochrane author or editor, what will change on Apr 25, 2023?

You will no longer be able to check Cochrane reviews in or out using RevMan 5, and you will no longer be able to download RevMan 5. You can access the reviews on which you are an author by going to https://revman.cochrane.org/ and logging in with your Cochrane account.

I'm a Cochrane author or editor working on DTA reviews, how do I work on them in RevMan Web?

Full support for DTA reviews in RevMan Web will be available by April 25, 2023.  Until then, you can contact Cochrane Support and request we enable DTA review editing in RevMan Web. You can see which features are currently supported in RevMan Web in the Knowledge base. Launch and communications about editing of DTA reviews in RevMan Web is estimated to go out by the end of 2022. 

I've been using the RevMan 5 file to import data into tools such as GRADEpro and Covidence, and then back into RevMan. What can I do now?

The RevMan 5 format will be replaced by a set of files with more standard formats such as CSV and RIS. After April 25, 2023 you will not be able to use the RevMan 5 file for these workflows for Cochrane reviews and RevMan Web will not export or import RevMan 5 files.  


Covidence has an export to CSV that allow you either to import directly into RevMan Web if you are using the study-centric data feature or to copy and paste the data for custom analyses. This export works with Covidence's data extraction 1 feature which is most relevant for Cochrane authors. If you are just using Covidence for screening you will be able to export as RIS in import into studies in RevMan. At the moment you will only be able to create separate studies for each reference but this will likely be improved before April 25, 2023. 


For Cochrane reviews there is an integration with GRADEpro for intervention reviews that allow you to pull in the analysis data from RevMan Web and synchronize the SoF with RevMan Web as you make edits in GRADEpro.  

We are working with Evidence prime to outline solutions for creating SoF tables from the new analysis CSV format and for DTA reviews.

I've been using RevMan 5 for non-Cochrane reviews, what will change on Apr 25, 2023? 

Not much will change for you, but the link to download RevMan 5 will be removed and there may be some workflow changes that are impacted. For example, you will no longer be able to receive RevMan 5 files from Cochrane authors for guidelines. Until we have better solutions in place, you will be able to copy and paste analysis data from the CSV files that you will be able to download in RevMan Web.