Known bugs in RevMan Web

RevMan Web software is currently under development and in the Beta phase. Below please find an up-to-date list of known issues and bugs. We plan to resolve these issues and bugs as we develop the software. If you have noticed any issues or bugs not already listed, please use the Problem reporting form to let us know.

RMW-909Check out not working when content in RevMan Web is invalid

Check out not working when content in RevMan Web is invalid    
Invalid content added to a review in RevMan Web may generate error messages when you:
- try to check out the review to edit it in RevMan 5
- access the review in another tool such as GRADEpro

Invalid content may include:
A study-centric analysis where synthesis PICO is not set
A figure added without a file and not properly deleted

RMW-905When deleting text with paragraphs and  track changes is on, the paragraphs are deleted without the change being tracked

Bug in Track changes plugin in CKEditor.

When deleting text that contains paragraphs and track changes is on, the paragraphs are deleted without the change been tracked. 

Workaround: Delete one paragraph at a time. Highlight a paragraph and press Delete button. 

Reported by Daniela Junqueira, July 5th:

RMW-895Cursor moving when turning on Track changes in full-text view

When in Full text view and track changes is switched off: When e.g. in Discussion studies and clicking in the tool bar to switch on Track changes in Full text view, then the cursor jumps to PLS body

RMW-880Notification concurrent editing breaks in Edge

When editing on the same page in Edge the notification messages looks bad but are shown.

RMW-879PRISMA flow diagram breaks in Firefox

When using firefox and adding a PRISMA flow diagram, the flow diagram is not shown properly. 

RMW-750References where name and year exceeds 50 characters are truncated

Finding some references have research group names in the authors field and this pushes the study name past the 50 char limit. I'll plan to truncate the portion of study name prior to the year so that it is always under 50, but I wonder if there is a different precedent for this types of citations.


```* Record 1 
title Parent and nurse perceptions on the quality of family-centred care in 11 European NICUs.
authors Separation and Closeness Experiences in Neonatal Environment (SCENE) research group```

RMW-743Cursor after inserted link is shown far away

Given a text section
When I insert a link in a text box
Then the cursor is moved a long way to the right
And it is hard for me to write something after the link.