How to access your review in RevMan Web

If you want to write your intervention review in RevMan Web and help the review production team improve the software, please sign up using this form.

Access RevMan Web at and log in with your Cochrane Account. After login, you will be directed to the ‘My reviews’ page, where you will see all available protocols and reviews on which you are an author or a contact person. 

Editorial Phase

Protocols or reviews will be greyed out and inaccessible for authors from the 'My reviews' page if they are in the editorial phase (locked for editing by the editorial team).

Checked out in RevMan 5

Protocols and reviews that are checked out in RevMan 5 will be marked with an eye icon, which means you can open them for viewing, but not for editing. 

Note that in this version of RevMan Web, you cannot create a new, empty review – you can only work on registered Cochrane Reviews. Talk to your Cochrane Review Group about registering a new review, or click here to find out more.