Footnotes for authors

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Author footnotes must use specific recommended wording to ensure they display correctly on the Cochrane Library and PubMed.

Reason for footnoteRecommended template wording

Joint first authorship

These authors should be considered joint first author

Joint last authorship

These authors should be considered joint last author

Joint authorship - other than first or last author

These authors contributed equally to this work

Deceased author


Add an author footnote

  • Go to About this review > Authors
  • Click on the down arrow to the right of the relevant author's name, to show the full author information
  • Scroll down to the Footnotes textbox
  • Add the Recommended template wording to the footnote
  • If you add the same recommended wording for another author, both authors will share an identical footnote

Preview author footnotes

View the current version from the review dashboard to preview how footnotes will display in the published version.