1. Exclude the analysis from publication

There may be situations when you want to keep an analysis you’ve created, but do not want to publish it, for example when there are no studies or there is only a single study for analysis (outcome) planned in the protocol. You can exclude an analysis from publication by clicking on the Action button for the analysis and selecting ‘Exclude from Publication’ option. You can include it back at any time, using the same button.

The excluded analysis will appear greyed out in the list of analyses for this analysis group and will move to the bottom of the list. The excluded analysis will be renumbered to follow sequentially from the previous last analyses. However, its original number will not be repalced, leaving a gap in numbering, so you will have to renumber the analyses (click Action/renumber analyses next to the main analysis) so that they run sequentially.   

Note that if you check out the review in RevMan 5, you will see only the analyses that are published. The ones that you’ve excluded from publication in RevMan Web will not be visible in RevMan 5, but will remain visible in RevMan Web, irrespective of the changes you do on your review in RevMan 5. The only exception is if you delete the analysis group including the ‘unpublished’ analysis, in which case all analyses, including the ‘unpublished’ one, will be removed from your review in both RevMan 5 and RevMan Web.

If an analysis is linked either in the text or in a figure of your review, you cannot exclude it from publication. The ‘Exclude from Publication’ option under ‘Action’ button will be grayed out and if you click on it, a tooltip will appear indicating where the analysis is linked to. You need to remove any links before excluding an analysis from publication.