Editing tables

Edit a table

Click on the pencil icon to Edit Table. Or click on arrow icon to reveal the table, and then click Edit Table

Any edits in the ‘Summary of findings’ tables linked with GRADEpro GDT are done in GRADEpro GDT software, not in RevMan.

Move a table

To move a table to another tables section (e.g. to move a Summary of Findings table to Additional tables), use cut and paste:

  • go in to the table you want to move, and use Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C to copy all the table contents
  • add a new table of the type you need (any amount or rows/columns) and paste the table using Ctrl + V
  • delete the unwanted table

To move a table within a section, click on the Action menu to use Move Up or Move Down 

Renumber tables

If you need to renumber tables, you can do so by clicking on the "Renumber Tables" button next to the "Add Table" button.

Shading cells and rows

Shading can be added to individual cell(s) and row(s) in the Summary of Findings tables. Select the relevant cell(s)/row(s), then click on the three dots icon from the menu and again on the Cell properties icon.

Turn on the Toggle header cell option and save. 

To remove shading, select the relevant cell/row and go to the Cell properties. Turn off the Toggle header cell option and save.

Merge cells

Cells can be merged in the Summary of Findings tables as well as in the additional tables.

Select one cell only and click on the Merge cells icon to open the drop-down menu. Choose the relevant option depending on the direction you want to merge the selected cell.