Step 1: Setting up the concepts (PICO)

Study-centric data is only available for the reviews that enter the pilot. If you are interested in learning more about the pilot and how to join, please contact

1. Define the interventions and outcomes

The first step is to define the interventions and outcomes that you want to analyse in the review. Click the PICO item in the left side navigation panel. On the PICO page you see three tabs: Interventions, Outcomes and Covariates.

2. Add and describe the interventions

The example review is about antibiotics for the common cold, and even though different types of antibiotics are used in the studies, in this case we assume you want to analyse them together. Click Add Intervention button and type 'Antibiotics' as the Name. Under Description you can add that you are interested in any type of antibiotic. For the control intervention click Add Intervention again and type 'Placebo' under Name. 

3. Add and describe the outcomes

In this example we assume you are only interested in looking at whether the participants still have a cold after one week. Click the Outcomes tab and the Add Outcome button. Under Name, type 'Persistent symptoms after 7 days'. Under Description add which symptoms you are concerned about. Since the participants are assessed to either have a cold or no cold, choose Dichotomous as the outcome Type. The last column, Unit of Measure, is only relevant for continuous outcomes. Later, if you want to analyse other outcomes, you can return here to add them.

4. Covariates

This tab is used when you want to do a subgroup analysis by a study characteristic (see Step 4: Subgroup analysis by covariate).