How to edit risk of bias items (domains)

1. Find 'Risk of Bias Setup'

To change the items (domains) for your 'Risk of bias' assessment, go to the list of Included studies, then click on the 'Risk of Bias Setup' button at the top right.

2. Edit a risk of bias item

Click on the arrow icon next to the domain name, then click on ‘Edit Risk of Bias Item’ button. Note that you can only edit user-defined items, not Core items.

3. Add a risk of bias item

To add a user-defined item, go back to the 'Risk of Bias Items' page, click on the ‘Add Risk of Bias Item’ button and add the name and the description of the item. You can select the new item to be at Study level or Outcome level.

4. Reorder, deactivate or delete an item

Click on the ‘Action’ button to move the item up or down, active or deactivate it, or delete it. Note that these actions can be applied to both Core items and user-defined items.