Enable advanced features

The information on this page is for Managing Editors and Cochrane Review Group Super Users; authors cannot enable advanced features in RevMan Web. If you would like to have advanced features enabled for your review, please contact your Managing Editor. For any questions about enabling advanced features, please email support@cochrane.org. 

There are currently two advanced features available for use in RevMan Web: Risk of Bias 2 and GRADEPro GDTPrior to enabling these features, please read the following important information: 

  • Once either of these advanced features is enabled in RevMan Web for a review, it will not be possible for authors or Cochrane Review Group editorial staff to open the review in RevMan 5. It may therefore be advisable to wait for a specific point in the editorial process before enabling the integration.
  • Covidence only imports to RevMan 5; authors should confirm they have completed imports from Covidence prior to enabling advanced features. 
  • These features should not be enabled until a review protocol has been published, so that copy editors can use RevMan 5 for copy edit of the protocol.
  • When sending a review with these features enabled to copy edit, please flag as prominently as possible in the instructions to the copy editor that RevMan Web must be used for copy editing. The copy edit email is ces@cochrane.org.

Risk of Bias 2

Important information regarding enabling Risk of Bias 2 feature

  • For review updates that have switched to RoB 2 from RoB 1, all risk of bias data from the previous version will be lost when RoB 2 is enabled. If authors need to download or make a copy, ensure they do it before RoB 2 is enabled. 
  • Once the RoB2 feature is enabled, it is not possible to disable it except to revert to a version of the review prior to enabling of the features. However, when reverting to a version prior to enabling RoB 2, RoB 1 data will not be recovered.


Important information regarding enabling GRADEPro feature

  • Once the GRADEPro integration feature is enabled, it is not possible to disable it except to revert to a version of the review prior to enabling of the features. This must be done before any Summary of Findings tables have been linked from GRADEPro.
  • Once the GRADEPro integration feature is enabled, GRADEPro Summary of findings tables MUST be edited within GRADEPro (not RevMan Web). Once this feature is enabled, you cannot import a SoF from GRADEpro via a RevMan 5 file.

You can see which advanced features are enabled for your review on the review Dashboard. Managing Editors can enable these features in RevMan Web. It is recommended to tag a version of your review before enabling GRADEPro; when enabling RoB 2, a version is automatically tagged for you.

To enable advanced features, click on the "Enable advanced features" button on the Actions section of the Dashboard. 

A pop-up will open, asking which advanced feature you would like to enable. Select the applicable feature and click OK. 

A confirmation box will pop up, reminding you that enabling an advanced feature breaks compatibility with RevMan 5. Click OK, continue or Cancel as applicable.

The Review dashboard will reload after a few seconds, showing you that the Advanced features have been enabled. When enabling RoB 2, a new, automatically tagged version will appear prior to the enabling of the feature. You can now use the features in RevMan Web. For more details on how to do so, please visit the corresponding page: Risk of Bias 2 and GRADEPro GDT.

Sample emails for authors

You may wish to send one of the below sample emails to authors when they request an advanced feature be enabled, to ensure they understand the requirements for the feature and how to best use it. 

RoB 2 sample email for authors before enabling RoB 2 functionality


Thank you for your request to switch on RoB 2 functionality in RevMan Web for review: XXX

Once RoB 2 is switched on in RevMan Web, it will no longer be possible to use RevMan 5 (both for you as authors and for the CRG staff and editors). Covidence only imports to RevMan 5 so can you please confirm you have completed any imports from Covidence before we switch on RoB 2?
Before you input your risk of bias assessments into RevMan Web, we advise that you submit your completed risk of bias assessments to your Cochrane Review Group to check, e.g. the completed RoB 2 Excel tool, as this will facilitate peer review and prevent potential delays later in the process. We also advise that you familiarise yourself with the guidance for reporting RoB 2 in the full review available in the Starter Pack: https://methods.cochrane.org/file/rob-2-starter-pack-cochrane-reviews (please pay particular attention to the steps to ensure the support for judgements for each domain are correctly inputted into RevMan Web).

Support available for Cochrane reviews using RoB 2, including steps for protocol development and review development, are detailed here: https://community.cochrane.org/sites/default/files/uploads/inline-files/RoB2%20Review%20workflow.pdf.

Key Cochrane resources for RoB 2 include an introductory leaflet with screencasts, a full RoB 2 Starter Pack, FAQs and a webinar series, which are all freely and publicly available here: https://methods.cochrane.org/risk-bias-2. A Cochrane Community post collates other important information about using RoB 2 in Cochrane reviews: https://community.cochrane.org/news/what-you-need-know-about-risk-bias-2-rob-2-cochrane

More comprehensive support is available for authors of Cochrane reviews upon request. Your Network Associate Editor can be contacted in case they have any further guidance on reporting risk of bias. They can escalate this to the Methods Support Unit as needed, or you can submit your questions to the monthly Methods Support Unit Web Clinic for discussion: https://methods.cochrane.org/about/methods-support-unit/methods-support-unit-web-clinic-schedule

Kind regards,

GRADEpro sample email for authors before enabling GRADEPro functionality


Thank you for your request to enable the GRADEPro integration for the review XXXX. Covidence only imports to RevMan 5 so can you please confirm you have completed any imports from Covidence before we switch on GRADEPro?

Enabling this feature will mean that the review can no longer be opened or edited using RevMan 5.

Please note that we advise all authors to read the information in the RevMan Web Knowledge base: https://documentation.cochrane.org/revman-kb/tables/summary-of-findings-tables-linked-with-gradepro-gdt  before enabling the integration. Point (5) on this page explains that there are certain analysis types that are not fully supported by the integration. We want authors teams to be aware of this in advance. Instructions on how to use this integration are also available there. 

There is also information available for you on how to link your Cochrane Account and GRADEPro accounts: How to link your GRADEPro account to your Cochrane Account, which you may find useful.

Best wishes,