Cochrane podcasts summarise Cochrane Reviews in an audio format. People can listen to podcasts on or iTunes. Podcasts can also be downloaded, so people can listen to them offline. You can search and browse Cochrane podcasts on here:

Each podcast webpage consists of:

How to start translating podcasts

Podcasts can be translated and recorded in any language. The process includes two main steps:

Translation teams who regularly translate podcasts into their language, can find a list of available podcasts on this page, or check New podcasts are also shared via the Communications Network digest on a weekly basis. You can find a copy of the transcript on each English podcast page on (for podcast published since April 2016), when you click on the "Read transcript" button, see screen shot below, and an example here: If you cannot find a script that you are looking for, please contact Paolo Rosati ( so he can send you the English transcript, if available.

If you (translation team) want to translate a podcast for the first time, please contact Judith Deppe ( before you start.


Translating the podcast script

Recording the podcast

Publishing the podcast

When you have translated the script and webpage introduction, and recorded the podcast, please send all of the below to Paolo Rosati (

What happens if a Review with a podcast is updated?

Whenever a Review with a podcast is updated, an invitation is sent to the authors of the updated Review to ask them whether a new podcast is required.