In situations where more than one Cochrane Review Group (CRG) provides editorial support on a Cochrane Review (or protocol), this can be recorded in Archie (see below) and displayed on the published Cochrane Review or protocol (in the 'Information' section).

CRGs need to be aware of the following before using this approach:

Up to four CRGs can be listed as one of the 'Other contributing Review Groups' in Archie, but there can be only one Primary Group (shown as the first CRG in the published Cochrane Review or protocol). Adding other contributing CRGs to a Cochrane Review protocol involves publication (or republication) of the Cochrane Review or protocol. The Primary Group will manage the addition of other CRGs, and all requests should be directed to the Managing Editor of the Primary Group.

See the Archie Help file for details on how to add this information: