The workflow system in Archie was designed primarily to help Managing Editors and others working in Cochrane Review Group (CRG) editorial offices manage their work more efficiently and effectively. Workflows help CRGs track the progress of individual reviews through the editorial process and can automatically send prompts and notification to authors, editors, and others involved in writing and editing reviews when they need to take action. In addition to this, workflow reports can be generated to help CRGs to analyse, reflect on, and improve their own editorial processes. Emails and attachments can also be generated automatically, which save time as they can be reused across all workflows.  

Available workflows

Six workflows are available in Archie:

CRGs can customize the templates in various ways to streamline work and to reflect their own editorial processes more closely.

Mandatory use of the workflow system

Workflow use in Archie has been mandatory for all CRGs since 2012. In practical terms, this means:

User documentation and other resources

Cochrane Training provides workflow resources for CRG staff on:

Customising workflow templates in Archie

Creating and using customised task email templates in Archie

Generating and using Workflow Reports

Managing Editors with questions about the workflow system can contact Managing Editor Support (