To access Archie, you must have a Cochrane Account and a relevant group role granting Archie access. See Permissions

The basic level of access lets you edit your own record and view resources shared with everybody. 

Creating accounts

Any individual can sign up for a Cochrane Account. Users will not have Archie access until they are allocated a relevant group role by a Super User. 

Super Users can create person records with linked user accounts. For more on how Super Users can work with accounts see Managing user accounts.

Usernames and passwords

When an account is created, the username will be the primary email address. Users choose a password when they activate their Cochrane Account.

Forgotten passwords

Users who forget their password can reset it using the "Reset password" link on any Cochrane Account login page (e.g. This will send an email to their primary email address with a link to a unique page that allows users to choose a new password.
See also: Choosing a secure passwordManaging user accounts.