Welcome to the Archie Knowledge Base.   

Archie is where Cochrane Groups manage reviews and other documents, and contact details for contributors.

  • Access to Archie is reserved for Cochrane editorial teams, authors of Cochrane reviews, and staff of Cochrane groups with relevant roles. 
  • The data for Cochrane Groups and their members are maintained by Groups themselves.

Getting started

To use Archie, you must have a personal Cochrane Account, and a role within Cochrane that allows you to access Archie.

Go to the Archie homepage and log in with your user name and password. If you do not have an account, read more about getting one under Access to Archie: group roles and permissions.
If you wish to jump right in and have a quick introduction to Archie, you should read the Quickstart guide.

Support for users of Archie

Please contact support@cochrane.org if you cannot find the answer to your Archie query in the Archie Knowledge Base. 

Current version of Archie

Archie version 5.4.6. Workflow template versions 1.5. Recent updates to Archie.

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