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Republishing Cochrane abstracts and/or plain language summaries in journals (e.g. 'Cochrane Corners') with or without additional commentary is an effective dissemination tool for keeping specialist audiences abreast of the most recent evidence published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR). Each journal publishing a 'Cochrane Corner' or similar feature must request permission to republish Cochrane Review abstracts and plain language summaries, and can do this by applying directly to the Cochrane Library publisher, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., for permission. Journal editors should contact Cathryn Jordan (; Associate Editor, Wiley) to discuss the arrangements. Commentaries published in addition to a Cochrane Review abstract or plain language summary should clearly differentiate between the author(s) of the commentary and the author(s) of the Cochrane Review (i.e. it should not appear that a Cochrane Review has been published by a different set of authors).

List of publications with signed agreements to publish summaries of Cochrane Reviews

The journals listed below have all signed agreements with John Wiley & Sons Ltd. to publish summaries/commentaries of Cochrane Reviews (e.g. a 'Cochrane Corner'). This list is maintained by Wiley; for queries, please contact Cathryn Jordan (; Associate Editor, Wiley).

  • Australasian Journal on Ageing
  • BMJ Shortcuts
  • Clinical Otolaryngology
  • Developmental NeuroRehabilitation
  • International Journal of Audiology
  • JMNI
  • Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Neurohabilitation
  • Stroke
  • Zeitschrift für Hebammenwissenschaft (Journal of Midwifery Science)
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