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How does the translation process work?

Volunteer translators are expected to We use Memsource, a third party translation management system, which we make freely available to our translators. You will also need Volunteer translators are expected to use Memsource and to agree to our translator terms. Project managers and experienced volunteers work as editors and will review your work before it is published. They will provide you with instructions and supporting materials. You can also contact them if you have questions or if you need advice.


We expect you to be a native speaker of the language you want to translate into, and are asking you to do a test translation when you first sign up. But in principle, anybody willing to lend their time and skills is welcome. Any experience in health, translation, writing or editing is an advantage, and some kind of Cochrane training or experience is highly valuable, but in principle, anyone willing to lend their time and skills is welcome. If you are new to Cochrane and evidence-based medicine, please do consider completing the freely available Evidence Essentials training for an introductionas an introduction.

Please note that our translation project managers periodically review the quota of volunteers for their language in view of their priorities and capacity. They may decide to remove volunteer translators from their team if the translator is no longer active, or as a result of changes to their translation strategy. We will always contact you to explain in such cases.

What is in it for you?

Our volunteers usually see it as a personal reward to contribute to Cochrane, because they believe in what we do and want to be part of our organisation. Contributing as a translator can also be a learning experience and equip you with new skills. We cannot offer payment to our volunteers, but:


Please take a look at TaskExchange, where Cochrane contributors post translation tasks in a variety of languages, as well as other tasks related to Cochrane Review production. Consider joining our translation mailing list to stay up-to-date with translation news and opportunities to get involved in other languages in the future.