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You will be able to find a range of free and paid for online training via Google. You can find some recommended resources below.

Free YouTube videos by INTERACT EU project

The INTERACT EU project produced two 2 YouTube playlists with 17 short training videos on translation and post-editing for volunteer translators, see here:

The videos are designed specifically for volunteer translators in humanitarian crises contexts, but they are a good introduction for any volunteer translators, and Cochrane translators tested the training.

TAUS e-learning

TAUS is an independent organization which shares knowledge, metrics and data to support people and businesses doing translations and related activities. TAUS offers a range of resources and training, including online courses on post-editing and quality management of translations: These courses come with a fee.

Free Portuguese videos by Cochrane Brazil

Cochrane Brazil produced 7 training videos for Portuguese Cochrane translators, which are freely available on YouTube: