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  1. Author team eligible for gold open access waiver because first author is from a HINARI Research4Life Group A or B country, provided funding for the Cochrane Review does not include funds for the article publication charge.
  2. Contact author alerts Managing Editor.
  3. Managing Editor checks eligibility against HINARI Research4Life list.
  4. Managing Editor confirms with author that eligible (or not) and sends a link to webpage that explains the two OA lfps that the author can select (CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-ND) and copy in author team. [See template email for scenario 2 below to explain the process.]
  5. Contact author lets Managing Editor know which open access license for publication form the team would like to select.
  6. Managing Editor releases agreed gold open access licence for publication form to all authors. (for further information, see the Archie help file.)
  7. Archie sends alert to David Hives (; Cochrane Production Manager, Wiley) to say open access has been selected and is eligible for a waiver (i.e. no payment required).
  8. Review published with open access logo, and relevant copyright and legal information.


Dear [contact author], copied to [all authors] and David Hives (; Cochrane Production Manager, Wiley)

Thank you for contacting me for contacting me about making your Cochrane Review, [TITLE], open access immediately upon publication (gold open access). There is normally an article publication charge (APC) for this, but I am but I am pleased to confirm that your author team is eligible for a waiver because the first author is from a country included in the HINARI Research4Life Group A or B countries list (https://www.whoresearch4life.intorg/hinariaccess/eligibility/en/), provided funding for your Cochrane Review does not include funds for the APC. You can read more about our open access policies here