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In some limited circumstances there may be a need to publish supplemental material to a Cochrane Review. At the current time it It is not currently possible to publish supplemental external data/files (data or text managed outside RevMan) alongside a Cochrane Review in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and so . Please followthe following process must be followedto allow readers access to external files or datasets:

  1. Ensure that it is not possible to include the data/files within the RevMan file (as ideal).
  2. Supplemental dataData/files may be deposited in a institutional or disciplinary repository or in a general repository, such as Figshare, Zenodo, or Dryad, with the following conditions:
    • the supplemental data or file(s) will have a digital object identifier (DOI) (or another type of permanent identifier) when included in the repository.
    • the full citation for the review (including the Cochrane Review DOI) is included in each supplemental external file.
    • copyright in the supplemental external file is attributed to the authors – “© The Authors”.
    • links/references to the supplemental external file(s) (including DOIs) are included within the Cochrane Review.

Cochrane Review Group (CRG) Managing Editors can contact Managing Editor (ME) editors and authors can contact Cochrane Support ( for questions about or support for this process.