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The withdrawal of a published Cochrane Review or a protocol for a Cochrane Review automatically creates a new citation version. To withdraw, see the policy and editorial management information, and follow the steps in Archie Help.

What’s New events for protocols for Cochrane Reviews

Type of change


New citation version?

‘What’s New’ events to select in RevMan

  • An important change to the objectives or scope of the proposed review (e.g. new outcomes or changes to the priority or definition of the outcomes, comparisons, methodology, types of participants or developments in the intervention or its delivery)

Major change


(1) New citation: major change

  • Minor typographical errors 
  • Changes to information presented in the background section that will not otherwise affect the eligibility criteria (e.g. amending definition or burden of disease, or updating supporting references)
  • Addition of a Comment and/or a response to the feedback section but with no further changes to the protocol (apart from minor typographical changes)



(1) Amended

  • Where protocol is changed in response to a Comment/Feedback
  • Post-publication change in authorship (see Changes in authorship)



(1) New citation: no major change