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If the review proposal/protocol/review was rejected for reasons specific to the Author team, then a factual Note should also be added to the Properties sheet of the relevant person records in Archie.

Step-by-step instructions also available on the Archie Knowledge Base here.

For a review proposal

  • On the General tab, check the Write Phase is in Editorial.
  • On the Advanced tab, change the Status to Inactive. This will deregister the title.
  • Abort the Workflow.
  • Create a new Note in the Properties sheet of the review proposal. On the Note tab select Note Type: Editorial Management. In the Title field enter 'Rejected'. In the text box on the Note tab, record the reason(s) that led to the rejection of the review proposal. This should be a concise, factual description of what preceeded the decision to reject. On the Sharing tab select 'Administrative note for'. Administrative notes can be read by users with permission to read administrative notes for the chosen group, including Super Users and System Administrators.
  • Move the rejected review proposal to the Inactive section of the Vacant titles folder in Archie (or follow your usual CRG's procedure for filing the rejected review proposal).