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The Saved Searches section on the Advanced Search page lets you save your Advanced Searches so they can easily be run again later. To work with your searches, expand the Saved Searches by clicking the icon.


  1. Construct your advanced search as normal. If you have run the search to test that it works as intended, click the Advanced tab to return to the search   
  2. Click the Save button.
  3. Enter a name for the search under Save current search. You must use a unique name.
  4. Click OK. The search appears in the list of saved searches.

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To load a saved search

  1. Expand the Saved Searches by clicking the  icon.
  2. Click the search you wish to run.
  3. Then,
    • to load and automatically run the search, click Run. This will take you directly to the Results of that search.
    • to load the search without running it, click Load. This will allow you to view the search details and modify the search before running it.