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Authors sometimes ask to have more than one institutional affiliation listed after their name in the byline of a published protocol or review. Before this can be done, you need to check the author's Person record to make sure it contains all of the necessary affiliation information. There should be a separate address for each of the requested institutional affiliations, with data entered in the correct fields (Department, Organisation, City, and Country) using the correct format.
A Super User in any group where the author has a role can add and edit an author affiliation, see Contact address and Affiliations.
Authors are linked to reviews through Document roles, and this is also where you can choose which addresses/affiliations to use for an author in relation to a specific review.


  • NOTE: If one of the person's addresses is used as the affiliation in a review, then it should not be possible to delete that address in the person's Properties.    

See also Review contact details wizard.