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  1. Add the relevant persons to your Selection. See About search and Search results for more information.
  2. Locate the role in the group's People folder in the Resources tree.
  3. Right click the role name, and choose Assign Role to > Selection.
  4. If you wish to record additional information about these persons' roles, type this in the Specification field.
  5. Click OK. The role is assigned to all the selected persons, with the exception of any who already had the role.
  6. Click Close.

Removing roles

A person must have a least one role, so you will get an error message if you try to remove a person's last role.

In this case, you should request a role for the contact within the Membership Project in order to remove your group role. The role of Possible Contributor within the Membership Project grants no Archie permissions but retains the person’s Cochrane account.

Use the Suggest Changes function in Archie to request that this role is added to the contact's record, and your group role removed.  

To remove a role from a person's Properties