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For persons that you cannot edit, you have the option of suggesting changes instead.

Editing a person is done through the person's Properties, which has information organised under a series of tabs listed below.

  • General - Contains contact information such as name and address, photo, ORCID ID and Primary Group information.
  • Info - Contains information when the record was created, last modified and verified; shows whether or not the person has an Archie user account; displays the current time in the person's local time zone (if the person has specified this under Preferences); shows the person's country of origin and sex; shows whether the person record is active or inactive; and includes a button to generate a Person Report for the person. Data on country of origin and sex are optional and will be used only for monitoring and registration purposes. These data will be treated confidentially, which means that they will be accessible only to the owner of the record, Super Users in the person's primary group, the ITS, and the Monitoring and Registration Groupand system administrators.

Note: if a person record is marked as a duplicate of another person, this is also shown on the Info tab.

  • Roles - Assigning roles to people within your group is done here. Only those with the Assign roles permission (by default, Super User in a group and members of the ITS) can assign roles.
  • Settings - Contains information about user accounts, privacy, bulk mailings and notifications. User accounts can be assigned by Super Users in a person's primary group, and members of the ITS. User account information (i.e. User name and Password) can be edited by the owner of a record.  The User account option also The User account option contains information about the date and time when a user login last time logged in to Archie (either directly to the server or via RevMan). The Privacy settings allow Email addresses, mobile phone numbers and Skype name to be marked as private by ticking the 'Hide' boxes. Only the owner of a record, the Super Users of the person's primary group, and members of the ITS can access private addresses. The Notifications settings control notifications for particular events. For more information see  Messages.
  • Notes - Notes for the person, see About notes.
  • Subscription - This tab will appear for anyone who has, or is eligible for, a complimentary subscription to The Cochrane Library, and provides information about that subscription. See Complimentary subscription.


  1. From the person Properties, choose General.
  2. Choose email address to edit (if more than one).
  3. Edit email address.
  4. Click Apply.

Note: An email will be sent to the user’s new primary email address to notify the user that the primary email on the account has been updated, and that the account username has also been updated to match.

See Style guidelines for names and contact information in Archie.


  1.  From the person Properties, choose Info.
  2. Click Verify.
  3. Click OK to confirm validation. A person who validated the person's information is recorded in the Verified option.