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  • Group Names should be entered using the title case ('Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Collaborative Group', not 'Non-small cell lung cancer collaborative group').
  • If the group has a designated Group Contact person:
    • Enter this individual's name in the Group Contact field on the second screen of the Wizard. The Group Contact field should include the Group Contact person's first name, middle initials (if any), and family name.
    • On the same screen, add an email address (or two) for the Group Contact person.
    • On the screen requesting a Contact Address, enter the Group Contact person's remaining contact information. Tip: If the Group Contact person has a separate Person record in Archie, check their personal Properties to make sure you are entering the name and contact information correctly.
    • Note that it is not necessary to create a separate Person record for a Group Contact person who does not already have a Person record in Archie.
  • If the group does not have a designated Group Contact person:
    • Leave the Group Contact field blank.
    • Enter email and contact address information for the group as a whole, if available. Note that you are required to complete the City and Country fields for the Group.
  • When selecting the Primary Group, bear in mind that this refers to the Primary Group for the new group author and not for the group's Contact person (if any).
  • The appropriate Group Role for a group author will normally be Author. You may want to add the Role specification 'Group Author', but this is not mandatory.
  • To avoid creating duplicates and to ensure consistency in published information, it is important to follow certain basic formatting rules when entering names and contact information. This applies to the 'names' of group authors, the names of group Contact persons, email addresses, postal addresses, and telephone and fax numbers.
  • Additional information can also be found on Authors using a group name in the Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR).