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Super Users can create person records and with linked user accounts. A Super User can do this for a single person under Settings on the person's Properties. Creating accounts in bulk can be done by using the selection set. For more on how Super Users can work with accounts see Managing user accounts.

Usernames and passwords

The default username when creating When an account is created, the username will be the primary email address. Usernames are editable on the Settings tab of a person's properties. Each user can edit their own username. Users choose a password when they activate their Cochrane Account.

  • Tip: to open your own record, click your name in the top right corner of Archie, below the Quick Search box.  

Forgotten passwords

Users who forget their password can reset it using the "Forgot your Reset password?" link on the any Cochrane Account login page (e.g. This will send an email to their primary email address with a link to a unique page that allows entering users to choose a new password.
However, for security reasons, this function cannot be used by some users who have very high permission levels. Such users must contact Cochrane Support to have their password reset:
See also: Choosing a secure passwordManaging user accounts.