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Anyone who wishes to get involved with Cochrane's work can sign up for a Cochrane Account by filling in a publicly available form ( which asks for the user's first name, family name, email address and country of residence.
This then creates an Archie record containing these details. The user's primary group will be the Membership project and the user's role will be Potential contributor.

Image Modified These self-sign-up accounts are deleted if they have not been activated within 24 hours. It is worth checking if an account is active (see screenshot above) before adding the contact to a review or a workflow.  Person records created via the Archie New Person Wizard remain in the system, even if the user does not activate the account.

  • Users with Membership project records can be assigned roles in any other group, see Assigning roles to people.
  • Any group can add an affiliation for a review byline, see Contact address and Affiliations. Your group does not have to be the author's Primary Group to do this.
  • If major changes beyond adding an affiliation are required, you can request that your group becomes the user's Primary Group using the Suggest changes function, see Suggesting changes.
  • If you find that a member of your group has an existing Membership project record, you can mark this as a duplicate and then delete it, see Marking records as duplicates