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8. If a Cochrane Review Group has questions about conflict of interest

8.1. Funding Arbiter

This section has now been superseded by the Cochrane Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Library Content (2020). Please see Section 8: Policy governance (specifically Section 8.1: Conflict of Interest Panel).The Funding Arbiter is accountable to the Cochrane’s Governing Board and convenes a standing panel of four to give guidance on difficult cases. See the Funding Arbiter page for information about the role of the Funding Arbiter and the Funding Arbitration Panel and to refer a conflict of interest issuebeen updated in line with the new CoI case referral process.

Resources are available on the CoI portal, including FAQs and flowcharts to help guide you through how to apply the CoI Policy.

In addition, the Research Integrity Editors and Conflict of Interest Panel provide advice on implementation of the policy and arbitrate potential policy breaches. More information about the role Research Integrity Editors and Conflict of Interest Panel can be found here.