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  • The journal editor may consider the publication to be redundant (duplicate) publication, that is, “publication of a paper that overlaps substantially with one already published in print or electronic media” (ICMJE recommendations on overlapping publications; accessed 22 August 2018). This could potentially lead to limitations being imposed on publication of the Cochrane Review in the CDSR, which are unacceptable to Cochrane.
  • Authors of published Cochrane Reviews have granted Cochrane an exclusive licence for publication for  for the Cochrane Review, meaning that the Cochrane Review cannot be published elsewhere without permission, and the journal editor needs to be aware of this.

To initiate this process, authors should first contact the relevant Managing Editor of the CRG for permission (using the 'Permission to co-publish' form (Permission to co-publish). The The CRG will refer each case to the Cochrane Editorial & Methods Department (contact and ensure that the subject line of your email clearly states "Co-publication query"). The authors, the CRG and the journal will all be required to follow the steps outlined in the section sectioCo-publication process: how to request and implement.