High-profile and High-priority submissions

Options available

Different settings in Editorial Manager can be used to show submissions' profile and priority.

SettingAMD FieldFlagDescriptionPurposeSettings changed by

High-Profile Content 

Important or controversial review with associated press or other dissemination activityReporting to Wiley for advance publicity planning

High-Profile Content 


High-Priority Content
(tick)Important review question based on priority-setting 
Editorial staff
High-Priority KT
(tick)Associated press or other dissemination activity
Editorial staff

If you would like these settings to be changed for a submission you are managing, please contact support@cochrane.org for further information.

Submission flags

See Flags

Additional Manuscript Details (AMD) Fields

High-Profile Content 

The High-Profile Content setting can be added or edited in the submission's Additional Manuscript details

1. Open the Manuscript Details

2. Add/Edit Additional Manuscript Details

3. In the High-Profile Content dropdown, select TRUE - Yes

4. Tick the box to Display High-profile review Flag if this is not already ticked 

5. Save and Close