Remove submissions and proposals (invitations)

Duplicate proposals (invitations) 

If duplicate proposals (invitations) are created in error, you can Set Final Disposition > Withdrawn to remove these.

You can also take this action if the authors have failed to submit the draft in response to the invitation.

Before withdrawing, you will need to Un-Assign any invited authors.

Un-Assign authors

  • Locate the proposal on your Proposal Menu.
  • Use action Invite Authors to open the Author Selection Summary.

  • Select Un-Assign next to the name of the Corresponding Author you wish to remove.

Un-Assign Author

The Un-Assign Author window is a pop-up. Ensure you have pop-ups enabled to be able to complete this action.

  • If you do not wish to send a letter to the author, select any letter and tick the box Do Not Send Letter.
  • Un-Assign and Send Letter.
  • You will see a confirmation on screen that the author was unassigned with no notification.

  • If you wish to send a letter to the author, select letter Author Uninvited Notice.
  • Customize the letter to add any information you need.
  • Un-Assign and Send Letter.

  • To invite another author to submit, Search for Authors and send the correct assignment letter to the new corresponding author. 

Withdraw a Proposal (invitation)

  • When you have un-assigned all  authors, the proposal will show in your New Assignments - Proposals folder on your Proposals Menu.
  • Set Final Disposition > Withdrawn.

Duplicate submissions

If duplicate submissions come in, please contact Cochrane Support to arrange withdrawing the submission.

Withdraw an unpublished protocol

If a protocol has not yet been published but authors no longer wish to proceed, you can set the protocol to 'Inactive' in Archie (in the Advanced tab).
If already listed in Editorial Manager then please contact Cochrane Support to arrange withdrawing the submission (if submitted). If authors have been invited to submit, follow the instructions above to Unassign Author and Set final disposition to Withdrawn