Assign Editor

Assigning an editor means you are assigning a person to manage the next stage of the editorial process (e.g. invite reviewers, make decisions). You can assign yourself as an editor.

New Submissions

If a new submission has no editor assigned, you must assign it to yourself first, in order to assign it to someone else.

Assign to Myself

  • From the Action menu, select Assign to Myself

  • A review which has just been assigned to you will be in the New Assignments section on your Main menu.

Assign or unassign another editor

  • When a review is assigned to you, you can use the Assign Editor or Unassign Editor options on the Action menu to select a different editor to handle the next stage of the editorial process. 

Blinded editors

If a member of your editorial team is also an author on a submission, you can exclude this person from the editorial process.

  • Open Details
  • Open Blinded Editors link > OK

  • Search for the person by name > Submit