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Translators can sign up to join a translation team for the languages that choose to recruit volunteers via Join Cochrane: Translators who sign up through this process and pass the translation test, get their translator role assigned and receive an email with instructions on how to log in to Memsource.

If you do not recruit volunteers through Join Cochrane, and need to add translators, editors or project managers to Memsource separate from this process, please proceed as follows:

  1. Ask the person to set up a Cochrane account at
  2. Send an email to Cochrane's support team ( with the email address of the person and ask the support team to give them access as translator or project manager.
  3. Ask the person to log in to Memsource at
  4. Once they have logged in, you can assign them jobs as translator.
  5. If you need to give the person editor permissions, see here on how to do that: Give a Linguist access to the editing workflow step
  6. If they are a project manager, please inform the support team once the person has logged in, and they will ensure their Memsource permissions are correctly set up.

Please remember: everyone should always login at with their Cochrane Account!

Please do not log in at You are not able to use your Cochrane Account on the main Memsource login page.

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