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From 1 April 2018, translators of Cochrane content will agree to the following terms. Please contact Juliane Ried (; Translations Co-ordinator, Cochrane) for further information. 

Translator agreement

Version 1 (version history)

All translators of Cochrane content (including, but not limited to, all types of Cochrane Reviews and protocols for Cochrane Reviews, Cochrane Podcasts, content on, blogshots of Cochrane Reviews and special collections of Cochrane Reviews) agree to the following:

  1. Language: Cochrane content will be translated accurately.
  2. Originality: Upon submitting each completed translation to Cochrane, the translator represents and warrants that the translation (or any part of it) is original.
  3. Readability: With reference to the Cochrane Style Manual for Cochrane Reviews, the completed translation should be written in clear, simple language so that it can be understood by the broad and international readership of Cochrane. Simplicity and clarity are vital to readability. Complex or ambiguous expressions should be avoided or reformulated to promote readability.
  4. Translator status: Cochrane translators are volunteers unless otherwise agreed. Volunteer translators are not employees of Cochrane. Therefore, Cochrane will make no payments to volunteer translators.
  5. Ownership and copyright: Translators (volunteer or otherwise) irrevocably grant and assign to Cochrane all Rights in the completed translations free from any restrictions and limitations. The copyright for all completed translations produced under this agreement shall belong to Cochrane at all times. Cochrane shall exclusively own in perpetuity all now known or hereafter existing rights of every nature worldwide pertaining to such completed translations in, or as part of, any version of Cochrane’s publications.
  6. Modifications: The completed translations may be edited or modified after submission of the completed translations to Cochrane. 
  7. Attribution: Cochrane will use best efforts to attribute each translation to the translator(s).
  8. Updates: These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time, and translators will be notified of any updates by email.
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