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Workflow use in Archie has been mandatory for all CRGs since 2012. In practical terms, this means that CRGs are expected to use the Protocol Development, Review Development, and Review Update workflows to manage, and keep an accurate record of, the editorial processing of all reviews in the CRG. This means using the workflows as much as possible in a regular, real‐time way (rather than in an administrative, after‐the‐fact fashion), so that they reflect what really happens on a day‐to‐day basis as accurately as possible.

Complementary to this:

  • Review Update workflows are not needed if the Review has the Update status ‘No update planned’ as assessed by the Updating Classification System. You can Abort In Progress workflows for these reviews, and insert the reason for aborting the workflow as “No update planned”.
  • CRGs are strongly encouraged to use the Title Registration workflow in any way they find helpful, but use of this workflow is optional.
  • CRGs are encouraged to use the Protocol Amendment and Review Amendment workflows, particularly in cases where it is important to keep a record of the editorial processing of significant amendments, such as the correction of a serious error which results in changes to the conclusions of a review, but use of these workflows is optional.
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