Version history

It is not currently possible to publish external data/files (data or text managed outside RevMan) alongside a Cochrane Review in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Please follow the following process to allow readers access to external files or datasets:

  1. Ensure that it is not possible to include the data/files within the RevMan file (as ideal).
  2. Data/files may be deposited in a institutional or disciplinary repository or in a general repository, such as Figshare, Zenodo, or Dryad, with the following conditions:
    • the data or file(s) will have a digital object identifier (DOI) (or another type of permanent identifier) when included in the repository.
    • the full citation for the review (including the Cochrane Review DOI) is included in each external file.
    • copyright in the external file is attributed to the authors – “© The Authors”.
    • links/references to the external file(s) (including DOIs) are included within the Cochrane Review.

Cochrane editors and authors can contact Cochrane Support ( for questions about or support for this process.