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IMPORTANT: People with active user accounts should not be deleted unless they themselves have requested deletion. Deletion would risk removing people's other contributions to Cochrane that are not visible in Archie. Please contact for further information, and to find out if the person you wish to delete, has activated their Cochrane Account. 

Deletion is primarily intended for people who have been added to Archie in error, or who have requested removal from the database. In many cases, using the Inactive status for a role, or the person, may be preferable. See Inactive status.        

Only Super Users from a contact's Primary Group can delete person records. People who have the document roles Contact author or Author cannot be deleted unless that association is removed.

To delete a person's record:

  1. Find the person you wish to delete. You can either do this with a search, or under Resources.
  2. Right click the person and choose Delete.
  3. This will open the Delete Person Wizard, which will display any conflicts or warnings in relation to deleting this record.
    • If there are conflicts (e.g. if the person is an author), the record cannot be deleted until all conflicts are resolved, and you will only be able to click Cancel.  
    • Warnings list all the person's relations to other resources. Review these, and if you still wish to delete the record, click Delete.
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