Workflow roles link specific people with specific tasks within a workflow. In many cases (but not all), workflow roles are linked to Document Roles or Group Roles.

A workflow has a set of roles that are similar to, but partially independent from the review Document Roles. Workflow roles control the activity of individuals assigned to a particular task. Some workflow roles (e.g., CRG Advisors or Referees) can be assigned to several people for a given workflow while others ( e.g., Workflow Manager) must be assigned only to one person.
Some workflow roles are linked to the people with the corresponding Document roles. The following Document roles are automatically transferred to a review's workflow:

  • Contact Person
  • Contact Editor
  • Copy Editor
  • Editor (as CRG Advisor)
  • Referee (as Referee).

If one of the linked document roles is modified after a workflow is started, the change is reflected in the corresponding workflow role.
In workflows with an Information Specialist, this role will be assigned to a person with the corresponding Group Role. 
The Workflow roles that do not correspond to Document or Group roles (Editorial Base and Sign-off Editor) can be pre-specified for all workflows by editing your CRG's templates, or assigned manually in the Roles tab of the workflow's Properties.

Role Types

The roles CRG Advisor and Referee can be assigned to multiple people. For these roles you can also record a Type, for example to record which referee is the Consumer referee.
The following types are available:

  • Consumer  - healthcare consumer (perspective of a patient, carer or provider of healthcare)
  • Statistician  - statistics expert (focus on the statistical plan and the analysis)
  • Methodologist  - methods of the review (focus on the methods section and bias assessments)
  • Specialist  -  clinical or topic expert (focus on the clinical content)
  • Information Specialist  - search expert (focus on refereeing the search sections and references)
  • Editor - editorial (focus on overall product, style, meaning and conclusions, editorial overview)

The Type may also be left blank.

To edit a workflow role

  1. Open the workflow's Properties and go to the People tab.
  2. For the role you wish to assign, click   or New to pick a person to assign to the role to. The Select Person window opens.
  3. Find and select the person. See Choosing a person or date for details.

     Tip: You can select multiple persons for workflow sets in the Select Person window by using Ctrl + click (or Command + click on Mac OS).

  4. If relevant for the role, choose a Type from the pull-down list next to the name. If you used a matching Group Role as your filter in the Select Person window, that Type is automatically added.        
  5. Click Apply.

     Note: For roles as such CRG Advisor and Referee, you can only remove the person assigned by default if at least one additional person has been assigned.

You can also change the role for an individual task in a running workflow, see Editing tasks.

Transferring all workflow roles for a person

The 'Transfer Workflow Roles' function, available from the Tools menu for Super Users only, facilitates the transfer of multiple workflow roles between two specified persons. This can save a lot of work, for instance, when there are staff changes at the editorial base.