You can choose from variety of automatic notifications in relation to a specific task. All available options will depend on the status of the task.  For example, the options for 'Notify the manager/assignee when the task begins' will be greyed out for tasks that are already In Progress.

To request task-specific email Notifications

  1. Open the task's Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Mark items in the Notification option.
  4. Click Apply.                                                   

You can also choose to receive Notifications about all tasks assigned to you either via Archie's messaging system or via email by editing your general Notification settings (see Messages for more details). From here, you can choose to be notified when a task is assigned to you becomes active and/or when a task assigned to you becomes overdue.

 Note: Remember that Super Users can edit Notification preferences for other users who have the relevant Primary Group.

Note: If you have signed up for workflow notifications in person Properties (Settings > Notification), then these settings will be applied globally for all tasks in workflows in which a person is a workflow manager. As a result, in the Emails tab of Task properties, notifications in will be marked and greyed out by default.

Notifications and skipped tasks

If a task is pre-skipped, i.e. skipped before becoming active, no notification is sent. But if a task is skipped after becoming active, the 'task active' notification will have been sent (the system cannot know you are going top skip the task).
If a task is skipped within 24 hours of becoming active, a special notification to retract 'task active' notification is sent.
No 'task complete' messages are sent when a task is skipped.